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Feel great, be admired and respected, achieve more in love, life and business.



Strengthen your courage muscle so as to stand tall, powerful and confident. Feel like a high-value man with a fun-loving outlook.

  • Confidence powers up your masculine strength and helps to keep you active and disciplined with your goals and in sync with your inner and outer worlds.

  • Be confident in any encounter; dating, meetings, networking and parties.

  • Overcome approach and rejection anxiety, be fearless in your actions.


Reinforce your natural intrinsic force to attract the attention and admiration of others.

  • Be popular, respected and admired. Know what makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Adapt a powerful body language and a magnetic tone of voice so you can make a powerful first impression.

  • Build a fun and thriving social life.


Connections are everything. They can be your gateway to success, love, fulfilment, support and happiness.

  • Create powerful and meaningful connections at home, in your social life, at work and in business.

  • Learn to connect with your inner self so as to raise your confidence and gain clarity about yourself and your life.

  • Develop the elusive masculine qualities which ignite a woman’s attraction and authentically connect you both.



Live seminars in London are currently on hold.


Learn how to be a highly attractive, intensely desirable and a widely respected MAN by women as well as by his peers.

Immerse yourself in weekly teaching and learning online with one the most powerful and life shifting work. Masculine Mastery.

  • Weekly MasterClasses.

  • 2 X group coaching sessions.

  • Weekly accountability for impeccable integrity and habit building.

  • Community support.

  • 20+ hours of past videos and lessons.

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Powerful Coaching is the best way to improve your life dramatically and quickly.

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Isn’t IT time to start living a life of no regrets?

Too many men spend a lot of time in their heads, they are distracted, they are isolated, they are overthinking, procrastinating and being emotionally all over the place.

As a result they are turning off women, unable to create a connection, they feel frustrated with themselves , and just bored of life.

Scott Mooney

Life Coach

Since joining Masculine Mastery I started to build myself from the inside out, each day & each week I have something to focus on, something that is teaching me about direction.

From this I have started to become excited about a purpose and have been moving in that direction, slowly, bit by bit laying each stone down on the path I am walking on.

I am feeling more solid, more grounded, a vision is starting to form of what my life could look like. Where there was nothing but a need to run back to comfort now there is something greater.




Faisal Khokhar is an international coach and speaker. He has helped countless people recognise their true ability on their path towards making their dreams a reality, feel connected and loved.

"He is passionate about aiding men’s development and helping men to address emotional and psychological wounds that can manifest themselves destructively in relationships, business and life. "

One of the key concepts he has observed is that happy, wealthy and content men consistently have a kick-ass tribe of men around them.

He has also learnt that before a man develops a stronger sense of self they may stumble through relationships due to reasons such as being over-mothered and under-fathered. These men can end up feeling very lonely.

Faisal is renowned for his masculine and feminine coaching. He helps individuals align to their natural essence; creating harmony, peace and a deep understanding of themselves and each other at work and home. This has proven to be incredibly powerful when dealing with clients, partners, team members as well as in intimate relationships.

His path has taken him to diverse places and allowed him the opportunity to work with a myriad of people, including European Ministers, Singers, Founders, Investors and many others. He gladly shares his wealth of life experience and insights into personal behaviour through many years of 1:1 coaching and seminars throughout Europe and Asia.

As a Coach and Mentor, Faisal is driven to uncover the deepest secrets of human psychology and neuroscience so he can help others on their paths of healing and personal growth. His rich experiences in many different settings have greatly strengthened his ability to understand the needs of others and help guide them towards success.

Men's Workshop London

Faisal & Dr. Robert Glover (Author of No More Mr Nice Guy) Working Together

Faisal Running Dating & Relationship Events For Men

Men grow faster, BETTER AND tougher TOGETHER IN A TRIBE

Zain Geddes

I.T. Consultant

Being part of Masculine Mastery gives me the framework and support I needed 20 years ago. To be amongst a group of men who are so committed to discovering their true selves and becoming high value men is a privilege.

For me it has been a way to connect with others and share a journey. It brings trust and brotherhood as well as accountability and calling out of places we hide.

It is a way to honour ourselves and remove our masks and layers and woundings. To release our immaturities and champion our inner child. It is a path towards a mature King.