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"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials." Seneca

Scott Mooney

Life Coach

My life so far has been directionless, without purpose giving rise to such debilitating fears and feelings of not being worthy of other peoples company and not feeling enough in this world.

I've suffered from anxiety, stress, let fear stand in the way, been scared into paralysis and had more than a few panic attacks from these feelings.

Since joining Masculine Mastery I started to build myself from the inside out, each day & each week I have something to focus on, something that is teaching me about direction.

From this, I have started to become excited about a purpose and have been moving in that direction, slowly, bit by bit laying each stone down on the path I am walking on.

I am feeling more solid, more grounded, a vision is starting to form of what my life could look like. Where there was nothing but a need to run back to comfort now there is something greater.

Masculine Mastery has not only taught me the disciplines and pillars of building myself it has also taught me how and where I can transition from the boy into the man.

All of this is done with care, time, consideration, awareness, support and encouragement. Without Masculine Mastery I might still be flailing around in the dark looking for a source of light, Masculine Mastery has lit the torch and helped me to feel able to carry it all the way to a purposeful end.

Given my choice over, I would have joined Masculine Mastery when I was 16. But 33 years later is the next best option.

"Man conquers the world by conquering himself." Zeno of Citium

Zain Geddes

I.T. Consultant

Being part of Masculine Mastery gives me the framework and support I needed 20 years ago. To be amongst a group of men who are so committed to discovering their true selves and becoming high-value men is a privilege.

For me, it has been a way to connect with others and share a journey. It brings trust and brotherhood as well as accountability and calling out of places we hide.

It is a way to honour ourselves and remove our masks and layers and woundings. To release our immaturities and champion our inner child. It is a path towards a mature King.

The way I have lived my life. An unconscious life. No clue, making it up. Filled with shame, ridicule, anger and self-destruction. It is a way to slow down or even stop and breathe and to start asking questions of yourself and of others

To know yourself and the path you have walked. I am now 38 and 2020 marks really the first year I am waking up. Chasing people, approval-seeking, alcohol, anger and shame has ruled my life. It feels I am waking up from a 20+ year coma.

There is a great brotherhood of men in the world and in Masculine Mastery we are growing phenomenally. Removing wounds, bad habits and bringing in new energies, habits and standards. The humour too, something I have missed so much of, connecting and laughing on, this journey.

A man must become a mature King for himself and he needs to learn the lessons of wisdom and council of other men to step into it.

I like the quote, “heal the boy and the man will appear.” We do that together in Masculine Mastery.

"Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be, be one." Marcus Aurelius

Jas Sumal

Property Entrepreneur

Sometimes I felt like I needed a bit of an edge. Sometimes I felt like I needed a bit of support. Sometimes I felt like I needed a bit of guidance. As a young man filled with ambition for life and it’s possibilities I can now tell that I struggle with the internal psychology of a boy rather than a man and this has come to light from the work being carried out in this group.

It is exactly that next door, the internal psychology, that holds access to the next level of success for me across several areas in my life. Masculine Mastery is helping take on this battle. It’s quite the battle but I’m glad to be doing it in good company.

Masculine Mastery is helping me build strong foundations with consistency and discipline through daily pillars and habits. All the members have been sharing their updates within our community on a weekly basis for accountability along with weekly feedback and guidance.

This group of men is helping me grow and already playing a huge part in my life, helping me overcome the consistency battles I’ve had in the past. It’s a very testing environment that is pushing me, and now, I can only assume the discomfort associated with what I’m feeling and going through right now is what growth and battling my psychology feels like.

When I was originally told that the results of Masculine Mastery were going to come to their initial fruition in 6 - 9 months I couldn’t really understand why I thought 6 - 9 months!? I thought things would happen quicker for me than that. I thought I already had most of this stuff figured out as most young, slightly egoic and misguided me do. Little did I know.

I understand why now. It’s because growth takes time and effort but also needs support and accountability.

Masculine Mastery is heavily testing me in building the habits, mind and life ecosystem of a successful person. It’s quite the endeavour to embark on and it comes with its challenges but I feel this community is helping me build and prepare for a better quality of life.

"True rewards – wealth, knowledge, love, fitness, and equanimity – come from ignoring others and improving ourselves." Naval Ravikant



For the man who is ready to go from BOY to MAN. Simple.



“I’ve got your back brother”

Masculine Mastery (M.M.) Facebook is not like others; it focuses on growth results of members. The huge benefit is that this group is accountability and support focused, which means that activity is high, and it has strict boundaries. These are boundaries training most people lack and haven’t been adequately trained in.

The purpose is to create a powerful group to support and hold each other accountable weekly for continuous growth.

  • Once a week, everyone participant will update in the group their progress.
  • With this weekly update and being in a part of a group that has your back, you will see how much overtime (6 - 9 months) this will start to create emotional stability, provide feelings of certainty and emotional safety.
  • This group provides continuous growth.